About Us

Located in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Pulse Medical Transcription Services (PMTS) is a small, local business specializing in medical transcription.

Our focus is to assist physicians with an efficient and cost effective way to manage their dictation and transcription needs. Since 1998 we have provided consultation, medical-legal, and insurance report services to specialists and general practitioners in hospitals and clinics in the Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas.

We have recently added two new services that work well with any EMR software. First, PMTS can complete and deposit letters directly into patient charts within your EMR system. Secondly, we offer letter editing services for physicians who do not have time to correct the formatting and spelling issues that occur when using voice recognition software. We are happy to tailor to the individual needs of each physician.

At PMTS we provide consistently fast, accurate (99% or higher average accuracy rate) and efficient service. We are proficient in medical, legal, and pharmaceutical terminology and we pay close attention to continuity and formatting.  We also provide different rates of service that allow us to work within your specific deadline needs. Importantly, we understand the need for confidentiality in handling your patients personal and medical information and that is why all work is completed in Canada.

Looking forward to working with you and your staff.

Andrea @ PMTS